CNUS Tech APK Download (Latest Version) For Andriod

Download the latest version of CNUS Tech APK for Andriod users it is a reliable hewing tool. It helps you to crack your game within minutes.
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Welcome to ‘The Booyah’ – CNUS Tech Free Fire moded version is an alternate version of the original game.  Creating a new game is good, and you will be welcomed by the other players as well.  So, don’t worry while playing with your friends using this modded version made by CNUS Tech developers.  Want to enjoy playing your favorite game without spending a single cent?  These CNUS Tech FF Mod Cracked will be a good choice.


What is CNUS Tech Mod Free Fire?

The CNUS Tech FF, also known as CNUS Tera Free Fire is an alternate version of the primary FF.  It is quite a challenging & skill-based game, but the mod version differs.  All those premium items you want to open via slashing tools are already in this mod edition, so you don’t have to apply multiple tools to crack the games.

In addition, this mod version has unlocked every game-winning feature, so it’s a perfect solution for all those disappointed guys such as Hacker Baba & AK Hack YT. Before this Mod edition, some already have come into the market. e.g. United Mod.

Features of CNUS Tech Free Fire:

The CNUS Tech FF mod is a reliable slashing tool.  It helps you to crack your game within minutes.  It cracks the games quickly and provides the latest features not included in the default version.

Varieties of skins:

The CNUS Tech FF mod provides many skins of your favorite heroes.  So, you can enjoy your game with your favorite player with the most demanding skin.

Free currency:

This mod offers you free currency and diamonds that will automatically add to your wallet to unlock any skin or hero.

No fear of ban:

This mod is anti-ban.  You can enjoy the game without the fear of a ban.

Easy to use:

CNUS mod is user-friendly.  It gives complete access to every character in the game and is easy to use.

Un-rooted device:

It supports both rooted and unrooted devices.  This feature makes it very prominent in other mods.

Vpn free:

CNUS mod APK is completely Vpn free.  This means you don’t need any VPN to operate this mod.

Powerful weapons:

Weapons are part and parcel of this game.  This mod gives access to weapon features like an aimbot, armlock, no recoil, and deadly guns; many vehicles are available.

Changeable weather:

Weather and environment are changeable.

Hero features:

It provides a variety of hero skills like speed copes, auto-aim, ghost mod, stone slash, locating enemies, and many others.

Fog and grass features:

It helps the user to remove the fog, grass, and other things to increase the focus on the aim.

Other crook codes:

Besides all the features mentioned above, this mod provides a variety of additional crook mods.  These are:

  • Telle kills Pro.
  • Teleport KE Team
  • Ghost cope
  • Fly cope kill.
  • Fix lag shoot
  • ESP fire
  • ESP line material
  • Ammo unlimited
  • Remove scoop.
  • White body
  • Fake name
  • Night mod

These are, in a nutshell, features of CNUS tech. it contains a lot more features for you to enjoy the game at its peak.

How to download CNUS Mod Free Fire?

Downloading this mod is very easy.  You can easily find this mod on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.  If you cannot find the mod on the Play Store, you can always find this on any website.  We have piled up the main points to download and run the app efficiently.

  1. After installing the mod, go to settings and enable the security option.
  2. After this, click on CNUS Tech Mod in your phone’s download manager.
  3. Now boot up your phone quickly
  4. You will see poop up on your phone.
  5. After that, click “open” and then open your mobile screen.


If you have ever been looking to improve your skills and kill time, CNUS Tech Mode Free Fire is the right mod for you.  It has everything you need to make your play more enjoyable.  Let us know in the comments below.  Till then, enjoy the free fire

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