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Free download of the updated version of PUBG Mobile APK for Android users this game has lots of smart features like automatic upgrade looting, automatic sprinting, and many more
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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, or PUBG Mobile for short, is the Korean version of the popular PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on PC and mobile devices. This guide will focus on the main differences between the PC version and the mobile version and why the mobile version is the best. If you would rather see how to install PUBG Mobile, then check out this guide.

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What is PUBG Mobile?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE (PUBG MOBILE) is a mobile game developed by Light Speed & Quantum Studios and published by Ten Cent Games. The game is based on the famous PC game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, which was also developed by Light Speed & Quantum Studios.

In PUBG MOBILE, players are dropped into a Battle Royale-style arena and must fight to be the last person standing. The game features many of the same mechanics as the PC version, including loot crates, cover systems, and a large map to explore.

If you’re looking for a mobile shooter that offers an intense and challenging experience, then PUBG MOBILE is worth checking out. once more updated versions of games like PUBG Mobile Mod & Venum PUBG are available on our website so kindly visit.

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Events in PUBG Mobile:

In PUBG Mobile, there are lots of events for you to explore. You can climb to the top of the leaderboard and fire at will. There are also many other events, such as the Chicken Dinner Challenge Deathmatch, and more.

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How to Play PUBG Mobile?

  • Playing PUBG Mobile is quite simple and easy. All you need is a smartphone with the game installed.
  • When you open the game, you will be asked to choose between guest modes and sign in.
  • If you want to save your progress, it is advisable to sign in using your Facebook account, Twitter, or Google account.
  • Once you are in the game, there will be plenty of events for you to participate in. To win the game, climb to the top and eliminate all your opponents.
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Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile:

  • To win this game, you need to know the map and the hot spots. 
  • Memorize the safe areas and the dangerous areas.
  • Many things can happen in PUBG MOBILE, so be prepared for anything.
  • The most important thing is to have fun and never give up.


PUBG is one of the best battle royale games available on mobile devices. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • The game is constantly being updated, and new features are added regularly. 
  • You can play as a guest or sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to make your experience more personalized and social. 
  • PUBG has a variety of events that take place at different times of the year. 
  • There are over 20 weapons you can use to outwit your opponents in various situations. 
  • The game features two maps that rotate every few months for increased replayability.


  • To play pubg mobile, you need to be connected to a data or Wife network, which can get expensive when using data and playing for hours.
  • The game has too many ads that take up valuable screen space, and there’s no way of removing them without paying extra. 
  • Playing this game drains your battery quickly, so it’s not a good choice if you’re going out for the day and want to use your phone sparingly. 
  • PUBG doesn’t have any clan support, which means you can’t organize your friends or teammates in any meaningful way.


Can I play PUBG without signing in?

 Yes, you can play as a guest. However, we recommend that you sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account so you can save your progress and earn rewards.

What events can I participate in? 

There are lots of possibilities for you to explore. Check back often, so you don’t miss any!

How do I climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE? 

You can fire at will in PUBG. Keep playing and winning matches to rank up and become the best player on the server!

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